Album: Abbey Road

The Beatles. Abbey Road (remastered). Apple 094638246824, 2009, originally released 1969. (on CD)

It’s not my favorite album, but it’s the standard by which I judge every other album.  Some of the only music that’s survived the changing of my tastes over the years.

As for the remastering, it’s not just a subtle fidelity-improvement thing. Listening to it on mp3 through small, fairly inexpensive speakers, it sounds unmistakably different from the old 1980s CD (not buy-it-even-if-you-have-the-old-CD different like Let It Be Naked was, but still clearly different). Were those old CDs poorly mastered, or did the remastering folks have a lot of cheek and mess with a classic? I don’t really care; either way this sounds better. Improving one of the best albums ever = win.

10/10 (favorite of my favorites).


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