Lomax 1939, discs 2591-2593

The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip, discs 2591, 2592 & 2593. 1939. (on mp3, from the Library of Congress website)

2591 is a sort of miscellaneous disc, started with a recounting of a story and added to here and their throughout Lomax’s trip. The best of it is a fragment of a gospel quartet (which is unfortunately cut off at the end and recorded at the wrong speed): “Lord Don’t Turn Your Child Away.”

2592 & 2593 are recordings of John Lowry Goree, an man who learned songs from former slaves on his family’s plantation. He sings them sincerely and soulfully, and has a pleasant voice.  Recommended listening:
– “Walked All the Way from Missouri
– “When You Hear That Peafowl Holler
– “I Got a Purty Gal Down the Road
– “Let Me Go to My Dear Mother
– “Jonah
– “Sugar Babe
– “Train Song


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