Album: Reservoir

Ah Holly Fam’ly. Reservoir. Lucky Madison LMD42-2, 2009. (on CD)

Amazingly beautiful. It’s a lot like Fleet Foxes, but gentler. There’s sadness on the surface, but there’s also a lot of warmth; you can feel joy and hope bubbling underneath it all. The melodies are like something Leonard Cohen might have written. The arrangements are a combination of baroque chamber music, and minimalism via Sufjan Stevens. Half the 8-member band are playing either violins or woodwinds, and the vocal parts (there are three singers) are on equal footing with everything else. The performances are relaxed and deliberately sloppy, in a very Pacific Northwest kind of way, and do everything they can to hide the meticulous care that must have gone into everything.

10/10 (Favorite of my favorites)

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