Lomax 1939, discs 2594-2595

The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip, discs 2594 & 2595. 1939. (on mp3, from the Library of Congress website)

Ray Wood sings children’s songs from the Ozarks which he’d published in a couple books. Highlights:
– “Chew My Terbaccer” (somewhat unsuitable for children)
– “Johnny, Get Your Gun” (very much not suitable for children)
– “Jump Josie
– “I Stuck My Finger in a Crawdad’s Hole
– “Turn Over
– “Little Birdie in the Tree
– “When I Die
– “I Wish I Was a Little Rock” (pretty funny)
– “Speak to Me, Darling” (Guthrie-ish lullaby)


3 Responses to Lomax 1939, discs 2594-2595

  1. Cool blog! I stumbled onto it searching for a guy named Ray Wood, whose signed copy of John Lomax’s “American Folk Songs and Ballads” is in my collection. I blogged about it recently here and have been trying to find information on the book’s previous owner, Wood, because of an interesting bookplate. Your post gives me new information (the recording) about him. Many thanks–I’ll start following your posts.

    • Daniel says:

      Wow, that’s a pretty neat book you’ve got.

      I don’t know if you clicked around after following my links, but the LoC has the complete field notes from that recording trip online. The transcription of the part pertaining to Ray Wood reads:

      “Sixteen so-called American Mother Goose jingles sung by Ray Wood of Raywood, Tex.

      “Several of these are printed in his Mother Goose of the Ozarks, illustrated by Ed Hargis. See also his American Mother Goose, 1940.

      “Mr. Wood is a T-man, ho has seen service in many parts of the U.S. possessions. He was brought up in Arkansas and retains an affection for the homely rhymes and jingles of the backwoods. He had previously, 1937, record other jingles for Mr. Lomax, in New Orleans. Mr. Wood is a T-Man who has seen service in many parts of U.S. possessions”

  2. I clicked around some, but didn’t see the LoC field notes. More good info! He’s definitely from Raywood, Texas, which I wasn’t 100 percent sure about. A T-Man? Will figure that later. Thanks for taking time to share those links. Excellent work! I’ll do some follow-up and link back to your site.

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