Christmas Part 1

We get two Christmasses this year.  Christmas Part 1 was on the real Christmas, and Second Christmas will be in about a week and a half, when family comes to visit us here.

Part 1 was nice.  We made cookies on Christmas Eve, the kind you decorate with frostings and sprinkles.  On Christmas morning, we opened presents from each other and from people who are not visiting for Second Christmas.  Much wonderfulness was received from everybody.  Thank you, everybody!  Then Lynn took a nap in the afternoon.  What the hey?  Christmas napping?  I made her wake up, much against her will, for dinner time.  Dinner was Christmas Curry, made in the crock pot.  I had expected to serve it with restaurant stickyrice, but I guess even Chinese restaurants close on Christmas in Ellensburg.  It was a tasty meal, but sadly lacking in the pomp one expects from holiday feasting.  Then we spent most of the rest of the weekend watching movies, including waiting around in Yakima for hours (not fun) to get in to see Avatar.  Everybody and their grandmother was in that theater.  There was this one guy sitting right behind me who kept yelling “woah!” every few minutes.  It was pretty funny when the credits started to roll, and he was apparently blown away by the cast’s names, all “Wow, Giovanni Ribisi!”  And there was this one lady who was trying to save an entire row worth of seats for people who weren’t there yet.  “No, people who have been standing in line for 45 minutes, these seats are all MINE!  All of them!” What is wrong with people?

Up next: New Years! New Years is my favorite holiday. List Making Time. And then, Second Christmas, which is awesome. Not all of the immediate family is visiting, but it’s exciting to be seeing those who are. And January also brings… JURY DUTY! I have been summoned, bitches. Layin’ down some justice up in here.


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