Best Albums of the Decade

Top Twenty Favorite Albums of the Twenty-Aughts:
20. Franz Ferdinand. Franz Ferdinand. 2004.
19. Tracy Chapman. Let It Rain. 2002.
18. Robyn Hitchcock. Spooked. 2004.
17. Belle & Sebastian. Dear Catastrophe Waitress. 2003.
16. The Polyphonic Spree. The Beginning Stages of the Polyphonic Spree. 2002.
15. Arcade Fire. Funeral. 2004.
14. Tom Waits. Real Gone. 2004.
13. Karen O & the Kids. Where the Wild Things Are. 2009.
12. Seu Jorge. The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions. 2005.
11. M. Ward. Transistor Radio. 2005.
10. M. Ward. Post-War. 2006.
9. Sufjan Stevens. Illinois. 2005.
8. Ah Holly Fam’ly. Reservoir. 2009.
7. Sufjan Stevens. Michigan. 2003.
6. Johnny Cash. American V: A Hundred Highways. 2006.
5. M. Ward. Transfiguration of Vincent. 2003.
4. Gillian Welch. Time (The Revelator). 2001.
3. Tom Waits. Alice. 2002.
2. She & Him. Volume One. 2008.
1. Sufjan Stevens. Seven Swans. 2004.

Since it’s an ordered list, you might think I could have cut it down to a Top Ten. But no, ~#6-#12 are all pretty much tied. And who ever heard of a Top Twelve – especially when there are so many other great albums to mention?


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