In 2009 I…

…made a point to read more variety of books, including nonfiction.

…used Twitter for a while, before I realized it was crap.

…tried to find something like LibraryThing for keeping track of movies. Found nothing that was free and/or cheap, so I started a movie blog instead. And such is the internet’s inexplicable interest in movie blogs that, even though it has zero promotion and minimal readability, I have readers.

…carried on with having an awesome wife.

…played The Sims 2 a lot, until a computer “upgrade” forced us to stop. Oh, and got a new computer.

…visited the Olympic National Park.

…visited Mount Rainier.

…visited Glacier National Park for the first time.

…canceled our cable TV service.  I think it’s pretty awesome to not be able to watch television on TV, but my wife does not agree.

…moved! Three blocks. On a whim. The bills are more expensive, but otherwise, this apartment is infinitely better than our old place.

It was an okay year.  We watched a lot of movies.  I guess that is the closest I can come to pinning down its defining characteristic.  We were almost always watching movies.  I expect that will continue this year.  Otherwise, I’ve got no idea what to expect from 2010. I’d be quite happy if things carried on as they are right now, but there’s really no telling.


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