Book: Kilkenny

Louis L’Amour. Kilkenny. Bantam, 1983 (originally published 1954). 150 pages.

The quality of the prose is quite bad. For the first chapter or two, it’s so terrible that you can hardly tell what’s going on, and if it didn’t rely so heavily on predictable western tropes, it would be incomprehensible. The writing smooths out pretty soon, though, and although it’s always bad, it’s at least readable. The plot, on the other hand, is good, with a fair amount of excitement and a handful of very cool scenes. Unfortunately the ending is not one of those scenes; it’s just a standard shootout like you’d expect from a B movie – pretty disappointing. This is only the second Louis L’Amour book (and the second western) I’ve read. The other, Last Stand at Papago Wells, is a much better book, so much so that I have a hard time believing they were both written by the same person.

6/10 (Okay).


2 Responses to Book: Kilkenny

  1. Dave McGowan says:

    I’ve read all L’Amour’s stories and enjoyed them all, though I have to say the Kilkenny series is my least favorite. There is one in the group that isn’t bad but it’s title doesn’t come to mind right now.
    Yes, Last Stand is a good story, but there are better ones in the Sackett series and I think Fair Blows The Wind, part of the Talon group is his best.
    I hope my own stories are as good as his worst.

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