album: Ramblin’ Rose

Nat King Cole. Ramblin’ Rose. Capitol ST 1793, 1962. (on vinyl, from a thrift store)

The basic theme here is that Nat King Cole is singing country songs (although they don’t always stick to it). It sounds like a bad idea to begin with, and they really go all out to make sure the album is a piece of crap. There’s Cole’s usual corny backdrop of sappy sting orchestra, which is completely at odds with the material. And added on top of that is a horrible, shrill choir.  A few songs are tolerable. Most aren’t.

3/10 (Bad).


2 Responses to album: Ramblin’ Rose

  1. Ray Charles did it better with Modern Sounds of Country and Western, 1962, and a follow-up in 1963.

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