Lomax: discs 2617-2622

The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip, discs 2617, 2618, 2619, 2620, 2621 & 2622. 1939. (on mp3, from the Library of Congress website)

There’s one more disc of recordings of Mexican and Spanish songs from Brownsville – more of the same.

There are a few discs of Frank Goodwyn, whom we’ve met before, singing cowboy songs. Again, more of the same.

Then, there are two discs of Lake N. Porter, an 85-year-old cowboy fiddler. I’m just going to link to all of his songs. It’s pretty cool to listen to them in order and hear him build up steam. He starts off sloppy and kind of awkward, works his way through some interesting dissonant harmonies (“Black Jack Grove,” for instance), and by the time he gets to “Sally Goodin” sounds like he’s trying to start a fire with his fiddle.
“Drunkard’s Lament”
“Lady in the Center and Three Hands Round”
“Black Jack Grove”
“Old Cacklin’ Hen”
“The Lost Girl”
“Billy in the Lowground”
“Sally Goodin”


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