album: Volume Two

She & Him. Volume Two. Merge MRG354, 2010. (on CD)

This album has a lot to live up to for me. I had put Volume One at #2 on my best albums of the decade list. That’s an album I can (and have) listen to several times a day, and like it more every time. This one is a great album, but it’s no Volume One. Deschanel’s vocals are more confident and at ease, but at the same time they don’t command my attention the way they did before. The songwriting is more consistent, but it’s also kind of uniform. Almost every song is fun, poppy, up-beat and catchy, and, with only a couple of exceptions, it starts to blur together after four or five tracks. But the songs taken individually are all pretty much great, and I love the early 60’s bubblegum crossed with folksy twang sound.

9/10 (One of my favorites).


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