album: Blossom Dearie

Blossom Dearie. Blossom Dearie. Verve 837 934-2, 1989 (originally released 1956). (on CD)

One of the better jazz albums I’ve heard in a long time. Not that I’ve been listening to a lot of great jazz albums lately. Blossom Dearie’s singing is accompanied by a sort of all-star trio – Ray Brown, Herb Ellis and Jo Jones – and herself on piano (and her piano playing is good enough to stand out as the strongest part of the group). The album has its faults. There’s a corny back-up choir on a few tracks, and the song selection is a bit questionable here and there. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of her other albums are much better. But this is the one I’ve heard, and I have to love it because holy crap listen to that lady’s voice. Click through my link above to Pandora, listen to a couple samples, and tell me Blossom Dearie doesn’t have the best voice ever recorded.

9/10 (One of my favorites).


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