album: Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes. Emitt Rhodes. Dunhill DS 50089, 1970. (on vinyl, from a thrift store)

Stylistically, Rhodes steals shamelessly from the Beatles – it’s kind of like a tiny White Album, except that, as my wife says, “it reeks of the 70s.” I was pretty excited to find this at Goodwill, since it’s out of print. But the song I knew from it (“Lullabye,” via the Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack), which I had always loved, turns out to just be a “Blackbird” rip-off when heard in context. It might have been a good album, despite the lack of creativity (after all, I don’t mind that the Monkees steal from early Beatles, so why should I mind that Rhodes steals from late Beatles?), except that the recording sounds like it’s underwater. A lot of that is due to the extremely poor shape of my copy of the record, but I’m pretty sure some of it is Rhodes’ fault, too (he’s his own recording engineer, in addition to co-producing and playing every single instrument in a largish “band”).

6/10 (Okay).


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