movies: what we watched in July

Here is a condensed version of my movie blog – everything we’ve watched over the past month.

in the theater:

Despicable Me, 2010. 6/10 (Okay). Very funny. Forgettable.

Inception, 2010. 7/10 (Good). Pretty much impossible to know for sure whether you’re looking at plot holes or not.

Winter’s Bone, 2010. 8/10 (Great). Has the detached, matter-of-fact tone and delivery of an old Appalachian murder ballad.

on video/online:

– [re-watched] “Presto,” 2008. 7/10 (Good). Old school Looney Tunes style hi-jinks.

– [re-watched] The Neverending Story, 1984. 9/10 (One of my favorites). Come on, this movie’s awesome, right?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1935. 5/10 (Indifferent). Mickey Rooney’s performance is so obnoxious that the movie is almost unwatchable.

– “Shake, Mr. Shakespeare,” 1936. 7/10 (Good). Dancing Hamlets.

Fantasia, 1940. 3/10 (Bad). Oh my God it’s so boring.

Doctor Who: The Space Museum, 1965. 7/10 (Good). A silly episode.

Doctor Who: The Chase, 1965. 3/10 (Bad). Just plain dumb.

Doctor Who: The Time Monster, 1972. 5/10 (Indifferent). Dull and unimaginative, but watchable.

Doctor Who: Underworld, 1978. 6/10 (Okay). Pretty shoddy episode.

Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon, 1979-1980. 6/10 (Okay). A lot of nice silly bits.

– [re-watched] Brief Encounter, 1945. 9/10 (One of my favorites). Depth and realism of the characters is remarkable.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed, 1926. 8/10 (Great). By far the best silent film I’ve seen.

and from The Top 63 Marathon:

Saving Private Ryan, 1998. 5/10 (Indifferent). Pushes dangerously into propaganda territory.

– [re-watched] Wall-E, 2008. 10/10 (Favorite of my favorites). Probably the perfect movie.

– [re-watched] Amélie, 2001. 9/10 (One of my favorites). Might be impossible to not be in a good mood after watching this movie.

– [re-watched] Alien, 1979. 9/10 (One of my favorites). A good contender for Best Art Direction of All Time.

Lawrence of Arabia, 1962. 4/10 (Eh). At least it’s not as bad as Doctor Zhivago.

– [re-watched] Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991. 4/10 (Eh). A corny, boring mess.

Vertigo, 1958. 7/10 (Good). Jimmy’s got a hard character to sell, and I’m not sold.

– [re-watched] Taxi Driver, 1976. 7/10 (Good). Emotionally distant, but fascinating.

American History X, 1998. 7/10 (Good). “We’d like you to know that violent hatred is a bad thing.”

– [re-watched] American Beauty, 1999. 8/10 (Great). What’s with people in 1999 hating their jobs/lives?

– [re-watched] Forrest Gump, 1994. 6/10 (Okay). Aimless nostalgia-fest for baby boomers.

Apocalypse Now, 1979. 7/10 (Good). Brando takes a crap all over this movie.


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