game: Go

Welcome to our latest project: The Board Game Project.

My wife and I have decided to play every board game/card game we own (including every game that we have an official set of rules for + the necessary equipment to play – close to 80 games), and blog about them together. Here’s one now:

Game: Go.
Overview: An ancient Chinese strategy game. Two players capture territory by placing stones on a grid. Whoever surrounds the most spaces wins.
Edition: Hansen, published 1977. The board doesn’t lay flat when unfolded, and there aren’t enough stones to play a full game (we had to improvise with checkers and chess men). But the box is unmistakably 1970s awesome, including a pair of fantastic pottery goblets on the back Picture of People Playing and Having Fun.
Duration: About 2½ hours, including nearly 30 minutes reading the instructions. A game with experienced players would probably be much shorter.

Mid-game. We have no idea what we're doing.

Winner’s Impression (Daniel)
Abstract strategy games are my favorite kind of board game, so I kind of love it – even though I have no idea how to play. I mean, I know the rules, but I didn’t feel I ever really knew what I was doing. This is only the second time we’ve played, and it would take a lot more tries to really get the hang of it. (And that’s not going to happen any time soon (see below).) But even not knowing what I’m doing, it was still a lot of fun trying to figure it out. 9/10 (One of my favorites).

Loser’s Impression (Lynn)
Abstract strategy games are pretty much my least favorite kind of board game, so enduring this was a trial. I was frustrated because I had no idea what I was doing and then, when we ran out of little stones, I rejoiced because the game was over. But it wasn’t. And I reacted like a petulant four year old. Objectively, I see how this is an excellent game that requires little set-up and foreknowledge, but subjectively, I’m okay if I never have to play it again ever.

I was more interested in playing with my stones than listening to a half hour of instructions. -Lynn


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