game: Cribbage

My wife and I have decided to play every board game/card game we own (including every game that we have an official set of rules for + the necessary equipment to play – close to 80 games), and blog about them together. Here’s one now:

Game: Cribbage.
Overview: A two-player card game in which players score points to move pegs around a board.
Edition: Instructions from Play According to Hoyle: Hoyle’s Rules of Games, edited by Albert H. Morehead & Geoffrey Mott-Smith, 1946, re-published 1983. A cheap plastic cribbage board and a standard pack of playing cards.
Duration: Less than an hour, plus 15 minutes reading instructions.

Winner’s Impression (Lynn)
I grew up playing cribbage. With my mom and grandparents, primarily. So I have a lot of positive associations with the game. I like a nice game of cribbage. I wish we had a wooden board though. It’s nice to finally be a winner.

Loser’s Impression (Daniel)
This is my least favorite card game. You get a hand, add up points, and that’s about all there is to it. There are so many things I would rather do with my time than basic arithmetic. Also, the scoring system is too arbitrary to remember without constantly looking things up. 2/10 (Terrible).

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